Austin Pike Preferred Alternative

The preferred alternative was recommended during an open house public meeting on Monday, May 1, 2006. Several handouts and exhibits were presented at the public meeting.

ODOT proposed building a Continuous Flow Interchange (CFI) at the intersection of Rt. 741 and Austin Pike. CFI is a relatively new method for constructing intersections. ODOT has prepared animations to depict the traffic flow for either a 2-Leg CFI or 4-Leg CFI.

  • A general information handout was distributed at the meeting.  This file also includes the comment sheet.
  • Two alternatives for the interchange at I-75 were presented.
    Option 1: A tight diamond interchange
    Option 2: A regular diamond interchange (ODOT preferred)
    Difference between two interchanges:
    In the tight diamond the four ramps are closer to the center of the interchange so retaining walls would be needed. This option would be harder and more expensive to construct and maintain. The standard diamond would take more land and the Kendell Office Park (the tight diamond only takes their front parking lot). However, it would allow for more flexibility with updates in the future and current aesthetics.
    Tight Diamond Construction Cost: 12.7 Million
    Standard Diamond Construction Cost: 9 Million
  • Cross sections for Miamisburg-Springboro Pike and Wood Roads.
  • The project area was shown on this map from the environmental study.
  • Several other exhibits were presented:

Austin Pike at I-75 Access Management Plan

The purpose of this study was to review existing access, roadway types/classifications and access management guidelines and policies to recommend a plan for access points and for possible signalization. The study objectives were to minimize congestion, improve safety and develop an access management plan for this developing area in coordination with all jurisdictions. The report is available below in PDF format.

Access Management Plan

  1. Access Management Plan text 
  2. Figures 


Byers Road Public Meeting

The Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District (MCTID) and other local project sponsors proposed realigning and widening Byers Road from Technical Drive to Miamisburg-Springboro Pike. This project coincided with the proposed interchange at I-75 and Austin Pike/Miamisburg-Springboro Pike to improve the flow of traffic in this area and better serve the needs of the traveling public. The MCTID, in coordination with the Ohio Department of Transportation and other project sponsors, developed various alternatives for the realignment. From those efforts, a preferred alternative was selected.

The public was invited to attend an open house public meeting for this project on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport, 10600 Springboro Pike. At this meeting, attendees had the opportunity to view displays depicting the planned improvements and documenting the need for such improvements, as well as the potential effects of construction on surrounding properties. No formal presentation was given.