Miami Valley Traffic Count Program

MVRPC maintains a regional traffic count database with the assistance of participating jurisdictions and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). MVRPC traffic count database is available in an interactive web-based map, the MVRPC Traffic and Trail Count Viewer. With this application, users can view any traffic count in the database by panning and zooming to a location, or searching for a specific address or intersection in the Geo-locator. The attribute table can be viewed, and counts selected in the table can be exported to CSV for download (see the Traffic Count Viewer tutorial for details).

Year 2016 through 2019 counts are now added and available on the MVRPC Traffic and Trail Count Viewer and the online database now includes historical data between 2008 and 2019.

Traffic vehicle counts, displayed as Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), are based on manual or machine counts that are seasonally adjusted to represent traffic volume on an average day of the year. Note that all counts are bidirectional with the exception of counts on one-way streets.  The traffic counts are classified into two categories, Program and Non-program counts.  Program counts are specific locations on major roads that are typically updated every three (3) years.  Non-program counts are received from participating jurisdictions at locations that are not regularly updated.

Trail counts are being collected from partnering trail management agencies, which have permanent trail counters installed at numerous locations on the regional bikeway network.  These counts are typically collected with infrared counters that count both bicyclists and other trail users.  Annual and estimated daily user counts are available at these locations.  Data is available for 2014-2016.

Bike counts are short-term (1 week) counts performed with tube counters that measure only bicyclists whether installed on a trail or a road location.  The weekly counts are then factored to produce annual and daily estimates of cyclists.  Data is available for 2015-2017.

The information displayed by the Traffic Count Viewer reflects the views of this agency, which is responsible for the facts and accuracy of the data presented. The contents do not reflect the official view and policies of the State of Ohio and/or federal agencies. The Traffic Count Viewer does not constitute a standard specification or regulation.

For more information about the traffic counts, please contact Aaron Lee 937-223-6323. If you experience technical difficulties with the traffic count viewer application contact Mike Lucas