RTPO Pilot Program

In 2013, ODOT initiated the Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) pilot program to assist multi-county rural regional planning organizations in developing transportation plans and overall transportation planning expertise amongst RTPO staff.  Since then six agencies have officially been designated as RTPOs by the Governor. 

MVRPC is excited to be a new participant in the RTPO pilot program working with its rural members in Darke, Preble, and Shelby Counties to advance transportation planning and partnerships that will benefit both ODOT and the member governments of the RTPO. 

The first step towards achieving official RTPO designation is the development of a Regional Transportation Plan.  For details on the process, see the scope document for SFY 2022-2023. The development of the Regional Transportation Plan will proceed along the timeline dipicted below.


The 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for the Darke-Preble-Shelby Region was adopted by the MVRPC Board of Directors on June 6, 2024. The 2050 RTP is a 20-year multimodal transportation plan with a base year of 2020 and a planning horizon year of 2050.

The Darke, Preble, and Shelby counties’ Regional Transportation Plan strives to improve the multimodal transportation system in a manner that supports enhanced accessibility and mobility for all people and freight resulting in a higher quality of life for its residents and economic development opportunities for the Region.

The 2050 RTP lists roadway, transit, bikeway/pedestrian, and transportation alternative projects that reflect the region's shared values from various stakeholders in the region, including local elected officials, planners, engineers, business community, special interest groups, and the general public. The Plan also reflects current and projected land use patterns, regional demographics, and economic, environmental, and traffic patterns.

The 2050 RTP complete report, project list and map, and transit service area map can be downloaded in full, linked below:

2050 RTP — Complete Report

2050 RTP — Project List

2050 RTP — Project Map

2050 RTP — Transit Service Area Map

2050 RTP — Public Participation Summary

Following the adoption of the initial RTP, amendments to the RTP may occur as part of a comprehensive update (every 5 years) or annually in conjunction with STIP updates. A comprehensive Plan update requires a full public participation cycle while a minor annual update only requires approval by the RTPOSC and Policy Board.