Regional Profiles

Regional Profiles

The Regional Profiles provide insight on where the Miami Valley Region stands by providing data, information, and maps on a variety of subjects.

Launched in the summer of 2016, the Regional Profiles touch on many important aspects of our Region, such as its infrastructure, environment, economy, and social characteristics. MVRPC has published several individual regional profiles and the topics range from our Region’s transportation system to workforce to equity.

Each profile has two products, a print version and a dynamic web-based infographic suitable for both desktop and mobile devices. Interactive web maps are also available to present detailed data for different parts of the Region. Links to these maps are included in the profiles. To get an overview of the profiles, please see our Regional Profile Overview document, or choose a profile below to start exploring.

Profiles are available in PDF and web-based infographic
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Contact: Martin Kim, AICP, GISP, Director of Regional Planning

Regional Profiles

arts & culture header

The Miami Valley Region has a rich arts and cultural heritage dating back to the 1800s that lives on today. The Region is home to a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences that attract visitors and enhance quality of life for our Region’s residents. This profile examines arts and cultural assets, arts vibrancy and engagement, and the economic impact of the arts in the Miami Valley

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biz industry profile

Our Region’s economy is comprised of businesses and jobs of diverse industry sectors. Influenced largely by the national economy, the Region has experienced both dynamic industry sector growth and decline over the last 12 years. This profile looks at the components of regional economic activity between 2004 and 2016, with a special focus on the top sectors of the Region: government, health care, and manufacturing.

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diversity header

The Miami Valley Region is becoming more diverse and it is important to understand how it’s changing. This profile looks at our Region’s diversity in terms of population growth, race, ethnicity, age, religion, foreign-born population, birth rates, and in-and-out migration. The profile presents an analysis of diversity at the regional and sub-regional level, including historical trends from 1980 to 2010, and projections for 2040.

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equity profile

Understanding and addressing the issues of equity is essential to building a more resilient and sustainable Region. The Regional Equity Initiative was launched to focus on these issues. This profile provides insights on the issue of equity in the Miami Valley Region. It examines equity in terms of places, people, and their access to opportunity. The profile presents an analysis of equity at the regional and sub-regional level, including historical trends from 1980 to 2010, and a comprehensive look at equity for 2014.

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environmental quality

Pollution does not follow political boundaries; nature has different borders. Assets like the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer span county lines. We share in the benefits of improving air quality in our area. When we all share the same environmental resources, we share responsibility for keeping it safe. This profile investigates the quality of the Miami Valley’s air, water, and land with several lenses.

View the Environmental Quality Profile

The Miami Valley Region provides a wide range of affordable housing options. This profile looks at housing by household composition, home ownership, vacancy rates, housing type, development trends, construction costs, building permit trends, and housing values and sale prices. The profile presents an analysis of housing at the regional and sub-regional level, including historical trends from 1980 to 2010.

View the Housing Profile
open space profile

Our Region has high-quality, recreational open spaces that positively impact our health, environment, and quality of life. This profile looks at different types of recreational open space such as general outdoor recreation areas, natural environment protection areas, and natural environment recreation areas at the regional and county level.

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transportation profile

The Miami Valley Region has an extensive transportation network. Understanding this system provides insight into our Region’s levels of mobility, accessibility, and connectivity. This profile examines transportation modes and patterns including roadways, transit networks, bike trails, freight, commuting, and safety in Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and northern Warren counties.

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vacancy profile

Vacancy has been a concern for many communities in the Miami Valley, especially since the Great Recession. While the overall vacancy rate has improved, we have not yet fully recovered, and the results have been uneven across our Region. This profile summarizes analysis and mapping of vacancy, at both the regional and sub-regional level, with a focus on trends, timelines, and residential and business vacancy patterns.

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workforce profile

The Miami Valley Region’s workforce is made up of people with diverse occupations. Influenced by the state and national economy, the Region has experienced dynamic occupational growth and decline over the last 12 years. This profile looks at our Region’s workforce, and associated occupations, between 2004 and 2016.

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