Long Term Disaster Recovery

MVRPC is the designated leader of the Long-Term Community Disaster Recovery Network, helping the counties, cities, townships and villages impacted by the devastating Memorial Day tornadoes create a plan for recovery and resiliency.  A long-term strategy for recovery for all impacted communities and coordinated, cooperative planning for resiliency is critical. Each month, MVRPC convenes the leaders from impacted counties, cities, townships and villages to provide recovery updates and share resources. 

In the months since the disaster, MVRPC worked with federal agencies to secure funding for full-time Disaster Recovery Planner to serve all impacted public agencies. Quarterly Tornado Impacted Jurisdictions Meetings convene local, state and federal leaders to share resources and funding opportunities.  MVRPC staff offers extensive technical assistance for disaster recovery funding from a wide variety of sources and coordinates with MVLTROG to address needs of families and individuals. In 2020, we worked with these volunteer teams to plan for repair & rebuild efforts to comply with jurisdiction plan review, permitting and inspection requirements.