From the Executive Director

Executive Director's Update

March 2018 Update

In coordination with multiple trail-managing agencies across the Region, MVRPC has conducted a Trail User Survey & Count every four years since 2009. Results from the 2017 survey are outlined in the infographic titled Tale of the Trails. Notable findings include an increase in the economic impact of the trails. More people are buying hard and soft goods related to their trail use. In addition, trail users, who visit from out of town, are staying an average of 3.1 nights, a slight increase from the 2013 survey results. Click Read Full Article to learn more. Read full article

February 2018 Update

The new version of Web TELUS is much easier to navigate and is now mobile-responsive. This interactive, web-based program allows users to see details about transportation improvements scheduled to be completed within the next four years. Information about project type (e.g., roadway widening, sidewalk/curb cut addition, etc.), the agency in charge,  location, and description of the project, is available to view and/or print. Click Read Full Article to learn more and watch the tutorial. Read full article

January 2018 Update

With 2017 behind us, let’s reflect on MVRPC’s undertakings and accomplishments this past year, as we continued shaping our region’s future together. A few highlights for the year include MVRPC’s innovative funding solution which assisted in the advancement of the Montgomery County US 35 project; releasing the Miami Valley Regional Profiles; launching new matching software for the Rideshare Program; assisting in the facilitation of the International Trails Symposium, and receiving numerous awards. Click Read Full Article to learn more about each. Read full article

December 2017 Update

The City of Oakwood recently completed a “road diet” concept on Shroyer Road that reduced the number of lanes to improve safety for all modes of transportation. To help with traffic flow and reduce crashes, exclusive left-turn lanes were added at cross- street intersections. Click read full article to learn more and watch a short video. Read full article