Regional Planning Services

MVRPC’s Department of Regional Planning provides professional services to its members as they conduct land use, comprehensive, or corridor planning activities, supplementing their in-house planning capacity.

The type of services varies depending on the nature of the project but these services are available to an individual community, or to a group of multiple communities, that share common needs, whether it is a single, narrowly-defined project or multiple, interdependent subject areas. The services include:

Community Planning Support Services – Assist local jurisdictions and other organizations in the Region with their planning efforts by providing planning process consultation, project scope development, data analysis and mapping, and group facilitation services. See the Jefferson Township Strategic Planning as an example.

Planning Research Services – Provide "best practices" research activities, grant funding research and support, including assist in Request for Proposal development.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services – Provide GIS data, data analysis, base mapping, web mapping and Aerial orthophotography. MVRPC's work on a Regional GIS is one example of GIS services.

Member benefits from these services include:

  • Planning process consultation and design by a staff team who possesses the understanding of unique challenges, needs, and attributes of an area;
  • Access to the latest Planning Decision Support System and related data and analysis expertise for enhanced data-driven decision making process;
  • Technical support related to Census and other socioeconomic data, mapping, funding opportunities, and best practices research; and
  • Having a neutral, third-party professional to avoid any self-interest misperception.

For more information about planning services we offer, please contact Martin Kim, Director of Regional Planning.