Austin Pike

The interchange on I-75 at Austin Pike, along with changes to the intersection of SR 741 and Miamisburg-Springboro Pike/Austin Pike was constructed between 2009 and 2010. The Austin Pike Area project was the subject of a Major Investment Study by the Montgomery County Engineer, and the MIS recommendations  were endorsed in 2003.

The Austin Pike preferred alternative was recommended during an open house public meeting on Monday, May 1, 2006. Several handouts and exhibits were presented at the public meeting. ODOT proposed building a Displaced Left Turn (DLT) at the intersection of Rt. 741 and Austin Pike.

As a result of changes in expected funding sources, the original scope of the project to realign and improve Austin Pike between SR-741 and Washington Church Road was modified by the Montgomery County Engineer's Office. ODOT hosted a series of open houses to present proposed revisions.

Construction began on the project in 2009, and was completed in 2010. In response to public interest in the operation of the intersection at SR 741 and Austin Pike, ODOT and MVRPC prepared a FAQ about the background and operation of the transportation system in the area.