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Our Miami Valley roadways are essential corridors that link our neighborhoods, workplaces and places we go to enjoy the bountiful amenities in our Region. The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission wants to help make getting wherever you are going a little bit easier.

MVRPC created this website to provide all of the latest updates on major highway construction projects, bridge replacements and road construction detours throughout the Region. It also provides user-friendly access to route planning tools, ridesharing resources and other ideas to reduce congestion and prevent air pollution.

You can rely on to be the go-to source for full details and the most recent updates on these projects, including great ways that you can adjust your commute to save time, money and stress. 

this week's road construction alerts, detours and closures:

Miami County

  • I-75 northbound between County Road 25A (between Troy and Piqua) and US 36, Traffic pattern shift March 29th at 7 pm – August 31st at 6 am. One NB lane will be shifted on to the SB side of I-75. *The available lane width is 10’ with a 1’ shoulder.*
  • I-75 southbound between County Road 25A (between Troy and Piqua) and US 36, nightly lane closures March 23rd at 7 pm – March 27th at 6 am. Crews will be putting portable barriers on the highway.
  • I-75 southbound between County Road 25A (between Troy and Piqua) and US 36, lane closures March 23rd at 1 pm – March 24th at 6 am. Crews are shifting traffic.
  • I-75 southbound between County Road 25A (between Troy and Piqua) and US 36, Traffic pattern shift March 23rd at 1 pm – August 31st at 6 am.

Montgomery County

  • Albany Street between Campbell Street and Kirkham Street, road closed for bridge work January 27, 2020 - August 31, 2021. Barricades and detour signs will be in place to maintain traffic.
  • I-675 at State Route 48, lane closures in both directions March 23rd at 8 pm – March 27th at 6 am. One 12’ lane will remain open in each direction.
  • Bridge Closure on Loop Rd. between State Route 48 and State Route 725 for repairs, March 18th at 7 am – June 15th at 5 pm. Detour: SR-48 southbound to SR- 725 eastbound. If you are on SR-725 westbound take SR-48 northbound.
  • Airway Road between Smithville Road and Harshman Avenue, daily lane closure, in both directions, March 9th at 7 am – October 1st at 4 pm. One 11’ lane will remain open in each direction.
  • I-75 Southbound between West Carrollton and Dryden Road Exits, the shoulder will be closed for bridge work February 17th – July 16th from 7 am - 5 pm. All lanes of I-75 SB will remain open.
  • State Route 741(Springboro Pike) at I-75, traffic pattern shifts March 2nd – May 11th from 9 am until 7 am for bridge repairs. One lane of SR 741 NB will be shifted onto SR 741 SB. Traffic will be maintained in both directions.
  • US 35 between Livingston Street and Woodman Drive, lane closure in both directions March 22nd at 8 pm – March 25th at 6 am for bridgework.
  • US 35 Westbound to I-75 Southbound, RAMP CLOSED March 1ST at 7 pm - October 15th at 5 pm for bridge replacement. Official Detour: take I-75 NB ramp, exit 53 (Second St.), make a left on Second Street, follow signs to I-75 SB.
  • US 35 east Ramp to I-75 south, lane width restriction October 24, 2019 – October 15, 2020. One 11’ eastbound lane will remain open on the ramp.



  • US 35 Ramp Closure to Smithville Road, in both directions, April 8th at 8 pm – June 1st at 6 am for bridge work. Detour: US 35 eastbound take the Woodman Dr. exit turn right onto Woodman and then right on Linden Avenue. US 35 westbound take the Woodman Dr. exit turn left on Woodman then turn right on Linden Avenue. Smithville Road between Argella Avenue and Greenlawn Avenue, lane closures in both directions March 30th at 7 am – April 8th at 6 am to remove concrete island. *One 11’ lane will remain open in each direction.*

For a complete list of ODOT Road Construction Alerts, Detours and Closures please visit ODOT District 7 & ODOT District 8 websites.


There are major improvements planned for the U.S. 35 corridor in both Greene and Montgomery Counties in the coming years. 

Montgomery County - ODOT District 8

In Montgomery County, construction is currently underway and will continue until late this year on the U.S. 35-Smithville Road interchange project which will remove the northbound Smithville Road to the westbound U.S. 35 flyover ramp structure. A new access will be constructed and will tie in with the existing southbound Smithville Road to westbound U.S. 35 ramp. An additional westbound U.S. 35 lane and concrete median will be constructed to accommodate additional ramp traffic. The project will also include work on the bridge carrying Smithville Road over U.S. 35, including removing the raised island to allow for a left-turn lane and an overlay of the bridge deck and cross frames installed to unify the two structures.
Visit the ODOT District 7 Project Page to learn more.

Greene County - ODOT District 8

In Greene County, ODOT will construct two new, innovative intersections called Superstreets in an effort to improve congestion and safety at the intersections of U.S. 35 at 48 /Factory Road and U.S. 35 at Orchard Lane. The majority of heavy construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020 and completed by late 2022. In addition to these major improvements, there are several other maintenance and smaller scale projects taking place in the U.S. 35 corridor in the coming years.
Visit the ODOT District 8 Project Page to learn more.

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