Air Quality Advertising Efforts

As part of the overall outreach campaign, television and radio commercials were developed by MVRPC that complemented the print advertising which was supplied by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The various actions to reduce air pollution that we tout are emphasized throughout the campaign. All ads feature the “It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air” slogan and logo.

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TV – Select a link below to watch our TV commercials

2020 Commercials

Previous campaigns

Reduce smog by Mowing after 6 and Checking your Gas Cap

Vehicle Maintenance Oil Changes and Tire Pressure

Efficient Vehicle Use - Anti-idling and Trip Chaining

Alternative Modes of Transportation with Rideshare and Biking

Retirees Avoid Rush Hour and Rideshare

Radio – Select a link below to listen to our radio commercials

AQI and Air Pollution Advisories

Mow After 6pm / Gas Cap

Change Oil/ Check Tire Pressure

Idle Free/ Trip Link

Alternate Transportation/ Biking

Retirees Avoid Rush Hour/ Share Rides

Print Ads – Select a link to View our print ads


Dayton City Paper - Alternative Transportation Ad - 2018

Dayton City Paper - Air Pollution Advisory Ad - 2018

Dayton City Paper - Around the Home Tips - 2018

Vehicle Maintenance Tips - It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air Print Ad

Reduce air pollution Display Information

Car Care

Running Errands in the Same Trip

Don't top off the tank

Idle Smidle

Air Pollution Advisories for the Miami Valley

Mow after 6pm

Billboards – Select a link to view our billboards

Lamar Ads Billboard - Air Quality Rideshare

Key Ads Billboard - Air Quality Rideshare

Properly Inflated Tires

Every 3000 Miles Oil Change

Trip Chaining