Our Members

The Board of Directors is made up of a representative from each of MVRPC member entities, which include governmental, non-governmental and other governmental organizations, and is the deciding body that determines the shared vision for the Region.

Several standing committees provide assistance to the Board for decisions on technical or program issues. The various committees work closely with MVRPC staff to serve as a sounding board or provide guidance on projects prior to getting final approval from the Board.

MVRPC membership gives communities access to many benefits. From being included in decisions regarding federal funding decisions, to collaborating with other jurisdictions on projects, MVRPC serves as the centralized agency that assists all members equally. MVRPC also provides assistance to members offering many planning services including regional planning, GIS, and facilitation and transportation services.

A brief tutorial video about MVRPC meetings is available at mvrpc.org/meeting-overview. This video describes who participates as a board member and the board’s priorities and goals. It also features examples of topics reviewed during meetings. All are welcome to attend.