Trail User Surveys

In cooperation with eight trail managing agencies across the Miami Valley, MVRPC completed a regional trail user survey in the summer of 2009. The project consisted of two count and survey days – a Sunday and a Wednesday in July and August. In total, over 15,000 trail users were counted and over 1,750 surveys turned in. MVRPC completed a report of the count and survey findings. Download the Miami Valley Trail Users Report along with the 2009 attachments.

In August of 2013, volunteers from four trail managing agencies (Greene County Parks & Trails, Centerville-Washington Park District, Miami County Park District and the City of Piqua) returned to sections of the Miami Valley Trails to conduct another survey and count project. Using the same survey form and tally sheets as in 2009, this project sought to highlight any developing trends amongst trail users as compared to 2009.  It also repeated the Economic Impact analysis using the methodology developed by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

Because the trail network is better connected than in 2009, fewer survey and count locations were needed. In total just under 9,000 trail users were counted and 569 survey forms were collected.  The 2013 survey report does not make numerical comparisons to the 2009 survey, because of the smaller number of responses. Instead the report focuses on percentage comparisons, and where possible makes statistical analyses to test for significance.

The 2013 Trail Survey report can be downloaded for review as well as the four 2013 appendices  Any questions or comments about the Trail User Survey and the report may be directed to Matt Lindsay.

Note: MVRPC will gather and analyze automated counter data from the trail managing agencies in 2014, now that all of the trail managing agencies are using infrared counters.