Areawide Water Quality Management Plan Amendments

Amendments to the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan are subject to the approval of the MVRPC Board of Directors. Prior to Board consideration, amendments are reviewed by the MVRPC Technical Advisory Committee and the MVRPC Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee. Amendments may touch on any topic area covered in the AWQMP, but practically speaking, most amendment activity is in the area of wastewater treatment Facility Planning Areas. Typically, the FPA are modified geographically to indicate new areas of service. Also, a FPA can be sub-divided to show areas of current service, expected future service and areas not expected to be served by sewers.

Recent amendments were passed in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2014.

Recent AWQMP Amendments


MVRPC Board Approval Date

Contents Summary


June 7, 2007

Greene County FPA Update

Board mailout

  • Airway Road Parcel
  • OKI Amendment #30
  • Water Quality Credit Trading Policy


April 3, 2008

Northern Montgomery County FPA Update

Gettysburg/Bradford FPA Update 

Yellow Springs FPA Update 

Public Meeting Information
Poster 1 

Poster 2


September 2, 2010

New FPA for Bethel Township


June 5, 2014

Regional Population Projections for Facility Planning Areas (Appendix R)