Contract Solicitation

Periodically MVRPC hires outside contractors to assist with projects or other business. MVRPC will list any solicitations or requests for proposals for contract services here.


Key Dates

Request for Qualifications Issued by MVRPC:                                 January 20, 2021
Respondent Questions Due:                                                            January 25, 2021
All Questions Answered and Posted:                                               January 27, 2021
Responses Due (4:00 p.m. EDT):                                                      February 3, 2021

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) issues this Request for Qualifications seeking graphic designers and digital media specialists to produce various projects the agency has throughout the year.

MVRPC issues this Request for Qualifications with the goal of selecting the most qualified vendors to produce projects to meet our graphic design and digital media needs. Vendors are encouraged to send copies of sample work and client references relevant to this request as described in Attachment B.

MVRPC will contact selected vendors for each project described in Attachment A to conduct a “Scope of Services” meeting prior to requesting quotes, selecting a provider, and entering in to agreement for the provision of services. All agreements resulting from this Request for Qualifications will be short term, limited scope agreement to assist MVRPC and the Miami Valley Region with the development of concepts, design of products and delivery of final files.

Four (4) copies of the response and supporting materials relevant to the Responses to the Graphic Design and Digital Media Services Request for Qualifications must be received by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, 10 N. Ludlow Street, Suite 700, Dayton, OH 45402, until 4:00 p.m. EDT on February 3, 2021 by mail or delivery service. Facsimile or email submissions in response to the Graphic Design and Digital Media Services Request for Qualifications will NOT be accepted.

Send questions via email to no later than January 25, 2021. All questions and answers will be posted on this page no later than the close of business on January 27, 2021.

Full Request for Qualifications Package


Information in Response to Questions:

Clarification regarding format for final design files.

MVRPC requires delivery of final design files for all items for our ownership. Formats for all items will be specific to the product and precise deliverables including final design file formats will be established in the contract for services.  Final file formats may include, but are not limited to, web-friendly versions in PDF or high resolution graphic files, high resolution PDFs with and without crops and bleed, InDesign, Word or other Microsoft formats. In some cases raw design files may be requested.  Files may be requested through a digital file link which must remain active until MVRPC conveys permission to disconnect.

Required Response Elements

Attachment B provides a detailed list of the components that must be provided in response in order to satisfy the request for qualifications.  Qualifications, approach, key personnel (including hourly rates and work experience), availability & capacity, prior experience, subcontracts, list of customer references and pre-qualifications (if applicable) are all required components.

Hourly vs. Flat Project Rates

The Request for Qualification asks for hourly rates. MVRPC may also be open to flat project rates based on the scope as defined in the scope of services meetings. Please provide hourly rate, as requested in the document in your response, and if applicable also offer the flat project rate.

Estimates for Subcontracts

Attachment B states that a list of any work that would be proposed to be subcontracted for each project and the relevant percentage of work completed by subcontractors provided.  The pricing for these elements will be requested in much further details during the Request for Quotes which will follow the Scope of Services meetings with selected vendors for each project.

Evaluation of Response Compliance with Specifications

Attachment C states that "MVRPC may make use of materials submitted in the Responses, including any idea contained therein, for such purposes as it may deem appropriate.” This includes any, all or part of any responses.

Provision of Work Samples with Response

MVRPC requests 4 copies of the response package, including work samples.  If 4 original copies of the work sample are not available, at least one original may be provided with photos or photocopies acceptable for the remaining copies. MVRPC will retain at least one original work sample from all submissions, but is willing to make others available for return upon request.

Response Package Instructions

Responses must not exceed 10 pages.  Work samples and supplemental materials such as resumes are in addition to the 10 pages.  MVRPC requests 4 copies of the response package.  These can be submitted in one large envelope.  Please note that Attachment B – General Instructions – 3.d. – requests that responses be provided on a USB in addition to printed hard copies.

Title VI Requirements

Additional information regarding Title VI requirements may be found at .

Scope of Services Meetings

A detailed list of requirements, including scope, deliverables, timelines and other critical factors for each potential project will be provided during scope of services meetings with selected vendors.  We intend to discuss all potential projects we may want the vendor to produce during the Scope of Services meetings.  Meetings will be scheduled according to urgency of each upcoming project.  All respondents will receive some notification of their invitation to participate in scope of services meetings.