Regional Equity Initiative Committee

The Regional Equity Initiative Committee works in a collaborative manner to fulfill the charge of a region committed to advancing racial equity while achieving tangible results.

meetingThe Regional Equity Initiative Committee is a partnership of citizen leaders; elected and career public officials; as well as executives from multiple sectors who support advancing equity in the Miami Valley.  MVRPC is one of the founding members of the Team.  Since its creation in January 2020, the Regional Equity Initiative Committee has served as a forum for:

  • Developing strategies and identifying strategic opportunities for carrying out the vision and mission of the Regional Equity Initiative;  
  • Encouraging coordination between the representatives of substance who serve on the Team;
  • Raising public awareness of how equity is a necessary and practical solution for improving regional quality of life; 
  • Sharing information, innovative polices, tools and best practices;
  • Learning how regional issues measure up with the priorities, research, and conversations for advancing equity that are occurring nationally.