Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at MVRPC

At MVRPC, GIS is one of the key components of its Planning Support System that provides a vital operating function in conducting regional planning activities. Examples of GIS activities include geospatial database construction and management, technical spatial data analysis, and map generation to facilitate a better decision making process. Further, MVRPC’s GIS program provides a leadership role in the Region by coordinating and implementing various GIS activities to share data, information, knowledge, and technical expertise with local governments and the general public.


Past training sessions

ArcGIS Desktop

Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop Training Session
  • May 2018: MVRPC hosted a training session about ArcGIS Desktop basics on May 23, 2018. The session covered the following topics: ArcGIS Desktop overview, adding and displaying data in ArcGIS Desktop, and creating a custom map. Please click to download the instructional materials, including presentation, exercises and data files.
  • June 2017: MVRPC hosted a training session on Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop. The session covered the following topics: ArcGIS Desktop Overview, Importing and Joining Census data, mapping and analyzing Census data.
Intermediate ArcGIS Desktop Training Session

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online Basics Training
  • November 2018: MVRPC hosted a training session on ArcGIS Online Basics. Click to download the exercise materials and instructions.
  • November 2017: MVRPC hosted a training session on ArcGIS Online Basics. You can download some exercise materials, and access additional training material here.

GIS & the Census

GIS & the Census Training
  • November 2016: MVRPC hosted a training session on GIS & the Census. Please see the links below for instructional materials:

GIS & the Census: Part 1 -

GIS & the Census: Part 2 -

GIS & the Census: Part 3 -

Exercise Instructions

Exercise Shapefile Download

Regional GIS

In 2014, MVRPC launched the Regional GIS program to facilitate regional collaboration through data sharing, information exchange, and leveraging GIS investments made by each organization.

The purposes of the Regional GIS program are to: 1) provide its members direct access to MVRPC’s datasets and interact with MVRPC’s GIS to map and analyze data to meet their own needs; and 2) address regional needs through on-going coordination and cooperation amongst organizations in the region.

A new GIS services flyer highlights information on some of the GIS services MVRPC can provide to communities.

This past Summer, MVRPC surveyed GIS users about how they used GIS in their organizations so that we could better understand the needs that exist at the regional and local level. The MVRPC Regional GIS survey results were summarized and are available for download.

The first survey was conducted between May 6, 2015 – May 22, 2015 and the follow-up survey was conducted between July 7, 2015 – July 21, 2015

  • Each survey was sent out directly to 126 recipients (GIS professionals and/or administrators in the local jurisdictions and other regional organizations) with additional promotion to Southwest Ohio GIS Users Group members
  • There was a total of 64 participants during the first survey and 45 participants during the follow-up survey


Regional GIS Resources Group

MVRPC is now offering many GIS resources through ArcGIS Online, a collaborative content management system hosted by a GIS industry leader ESRI. 

The resources are accessible by using the search tag of “mvrpc” in ArcGIS Online or in ESRI’s ArcMap GIS software. GIS professionals in the Region, however, are encouraged to join “MVRPC Regional Resources” group so that they not only get full access to various GIS data resources provided by MVRPC such as Web Maps, Layer Packages, and KML files but also to contribute their mapping resources and be part of the regional data sharing efforts.

GIS Contacts

Please contact MVRPC's team of GIS experts to request various geospatial data and for technical assistance.