Agency Structure

The MVRPC Organizational structure is composed of Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and various technical committees, all supported by MVRPC staff. The legal structure of MVRPC is defined in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (updated March 2024).

Organizational Structure

MVRPC currently has 97 members that constitute the full Board of Directors. From this group, a 24 member Executive Committee is also chosen.

The Technical Advisory Committee is a permanent committee appointed by members of the Commission to represent their respective organizations. This committee is responsible for working with the Executive Director and MVRPC staff to advise the Board of Directors on technical issues or other delegated and assigned matters.

The table of organization lists the MVRPC professional staff that provide assistance to the Board and committees while working toward the Region's priorities.

Financial Structure

Each unit of local government member pays a per capita assessment to join MVRPC. Non-governmental and other governmental members, since they do not receive agency services as a member benefit, pay a flat rate to cover associated agency expenses.

MVRPC's annual operating expenses are approximately $6 million. Transportation planning accounts for about 90% of the total expenditures. Overall revenue comes from a variety of sources, including federal grants, member dues, non-Federal grants, and a small amount of miscellaneous revenues. Please refer to MVRPC’s annual audit report on our website for additional information.

In 2013, over $212 million was received by our Region for roadway, transit, bikeway and pedestrian projects monitored by MVRPC. That means that for every dollar of Local Matching (Members’ Dues) invested in MVRPC planning, $1,182 is received in Federal and State project funding.

Financial Statements

The most recent Annual Audit reports from the State of Ohio on MVRPC are available for review.

FIle Download: 
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