Austin Pike Major Investment Study

Residents and businesses in southern Montgomery and northern Warren Counties in southwestern Ohio long discussed the possibility of increased capacity, including an additional interchange on Interstate 75 (I-75) between State Route (SR) 725 and SR-73, and/or an interstate-level southwestern beltway connecting I-75 south of Dayton and I-70 west of Dayton.

The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office administered a Major Investment Study (MIS). The purposes of this MIS were:

  • to identify and evaluate transportation issues based on existing and future conditions in southern Montgomery and northern Warren Counties in the vicinity of I-75 and in the southern portion of the area proposed for SR-892, and
  • to evaluate the potential for alternative transportation solutions to alleviate identified problems.

The study was designed to include alternatives for evaluation including, but not limited to:

  • an additional interchange on I-75 with a new connector roadway to SR-4;
  • an additional interchange on I-75 without a new connector roadway to SR-4;
  • improvement of local roadways without an additional interchange; and
  • a no-build alternative.

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) participated on the study steering committee, as did the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, ODOT, the Federal Highway Administration, the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District, and the Warren County Engineer’s Office. The study was on MVRPC’s 2025 Long Range Plan.

Austin Pike Area MIS Recommendations

The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office administered a Major Investment Study (MIS). The following recommendations were developed to address the study goals and the transportation issues identified within the study area. These recommendations were endorsed by the Transportation Committee on April 3 2003.

  1. Improve east-west access to and from I-75 and improve operation of SR-725 and SR-741 by constructing an additional local interchange on I-75 in the vicinity of Miamisburg-Springboro Pike/Austin Pike.
  2. Improve east-west access in southern Montgomery County, including access to the Miamisburg Mound Advanced Technology Center by:
    • improving/widening Miamisburg-Springboro Pike from SR-741 to Benner Road; and
    • improving/widening Benner Road from Miamisburg-Springboro Road to Dayton-Cincinnati Pike.
  3. Improve operation of SR-741 by encouraging continued access management efforts on SR-741.
  4. Improve operation of the existing SR-73/SR-741 intersection, the SR-73/I-75 ramp intersections, and the SR-725/I-75 ramp intersections by optimizing signal phasing, signal timing and turn lane lengths.
  5. Improve operation of SR-73 in the vicinity of I-75 by reconstructing the existing SR-73/I-75 interchange to add a northbound entrance ramp in the northeast interchange quadrant.
  6. Improve access to I-75 and planned development areas in the vicinity of I-75 by:
    • widening and realigning Byers Road between Belvo Road and Miamisburg-Springboro Pike; and
    • reconstructing the Byers Road and Wood Road intersections with Miamisburg- Springboro Pike.
  7. Perform a comprehensive needs analysis of the western Montgomery County local roadway system as input to the MVRPC’s Long Range Transportation Plan update.
  8. Evaluate widening Austin Pike/Social Row Road between SR-741 and SR-48 east of the study area.