Austin Pike Widening and Realigning update

As a result of changes in expected funding sources, the original scope of the project to realign and improve Austin Pike between SR-741 and Washington Church Road has been modified by the Montgomery County Engineer's Office. Updated information is now available.

Austin Pike Relocation Open House Public Meeting

The Montgomery County Engineer's Office is proposed realigning and improving Austin Pike between SR-741 and Washington Church Road, just north of the Dayton Wright Brothers Airport. The public was invited to attend an open house public meeting providing information about this project on Thursday, March 6, 2008, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Dayton Wright Brothers Airport, 10600 Springboro Pike.

Proposed Revisions to Austin Pike Project Fact Sheet

A Fact sheet detailing proposed changes to Austin Pike project at I-75 was produced for the public.

Project Scope: new project vs. previous project

Austin Pike remains scheduled for reconstruction by the Montgomery County Engineer's Office from SR-741 through Washington Church Road in 2010. The proposed roadway will remain a four-lane divided section with curb and gutter and a raised grass median. The major change in the proposed work is that as part of the previously proposed project, Austin Pike was to be relocated northward at the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport, and the roadbed was to be lowered by cutting into the hillside to provide increased clearances for aviation. Under the revised project scope, Austin Pike will essentially maintain the existing clearances to the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport runway, and the road profile will not be lowered into the hillside, but will closely follow the existing road elevations.

• Reason for Change

In a word, funding, the increased cost involved in relocating Austin Pike to improve aviation clearances was expected to be borne in part by the Federal Aviation Administration. In mid-year 2008, the FAA made a firm and final decision not to participate financially in the relocation of Austin Pike to improve clearances at the Dayton-Wright Brothers general aviation airport. Therefore, the new roadway will be constructed near its current location, which will result in lower project costs compared to the relocated alignment.

• Project Schedule: new project vs. previous project

At this time, the project remains scheduled for construction in 2010. Due to the effort involved in revising the engineering and environmental work, however, construction may begin later in the year, rather than in the spring as initially planned. If the start of construction is delayed until mid-year 2010, completion of the Austin Pike reconstruction would not occur until 2011.

• Project Cost: new project vs. previous project

By not relocating and lowering the Austin Pike roadway to increase aviation clearances, project construction costs are expected to be reduced by approximately 30%.

• Private Property Acquisition: new project vs. previous project

Impacts to the private property on the north side of the road between the undeveloped Miami Township land and Washington Church Road (i.e., the Villages of Miami South) will remain essentially unchanged from those shown in the previous design and described at the previous Public Meeting, since the design for this section of Austin Pike has not changed. While the proposed alignment east of Washington Church Road also remains unchanged, construction limits for the eastern part of the project have been extended to avoid successive property acquisitions during both the proposed 2010 project and the next phase of Austin Pike widening (to Yankee Street), programmed for construction in 2013.

• Other details about the revised project

Also included in this mailing is an updated Frequently Asked Questions sheet, which highlights the aspects of the project that have changed as well as those that have remained the same.