Past Bikeways Plan

MVRPC adopted a long range bikeways plan in 2008 which prioritized investment in new multi-use trails, bike lanes and routes, education programs and other projects. This plan is periodically updated with new data and material. With a strong history of investment in the Nation’s Largest Paved Trail Network, and robust cycling activism in our Region, the original plan provided a springboard for many local projects. Some of the accomplishments and needs going forward are highlighted in the Bike Plan Update slides.

Bike Plan Update in 2015

The Miami Valley Bike Plan Update 2015 is available for download and viewing.

The bike plan update was the result of several months of public input, which has been summarized in the Public Participation Document.

Level of Traffic Stress Analysis

The Level of Traffic Stress Analysis looks at cycling networks from the point of view of the user. And it starts with an understanding that there are several different kinds of users. These different kinds of users are willing to tolerate different levels of stress when riding their bicycles for transportation. Want to know more about our analysis? Please watch the video below for information.

We have many strong and fearless riders in our region who choose to take the lane, and we don’t want to discourage this practice. We support sharing the roads and vehicular cycling. With LTS, we hope to support more people who are new cyclists, building the skills and confidence that make road-riding a great transportation option.

2008 Comprehensive Local-Regional Bikeway Plan (CLRBP)

In 2008, the MVRPC Board of Directors adopted the Comprehensive Local-Regional Bikeway Plan (CLRBP). As the first major bikeway plan since the 1970s it was designed to take biking in the Miami Valley to the next level. The plan envisions connecting our region's incredible multi-use trails to a network of increasingly bike-friendly roads and streets. The CLRBP identifies a potential network of corridors where bicycle facilities could be added to enhance cyclist safety and accommodation.

The CLRBP also recommends projects to encourage and educate the general public to consider biking and to share the roadway with cyclists. Also, Enforcement programs and ongoing Evaluation should enhance safety for bicyclists.

Turning Planning into Action

MVRPC coordinates a regional bikeways committee to work with park districts, and jurisdictions to implement the projects and programs recommended in the regional bikeways plans. Contact Matt Lindsay for more information on the Bikeways Committee.

More information on Cycling in the Miami Valley is available at our!