Tornado Dashboards Tell Story of the Region's Recovery

MVRPC is the designated leader of Disaster Recovery efforts in the Miami Valley, coordinating assistance for all of the member communities impacted by the Memorial Day 2019 tornadoes.

An important part of our role is to collect and visualize data to help tell the story of our Region’s recovery. MVRPC recently worked with the leaders of impacted communities to construct Disaster Recovery Dashboards. The dashboards are public facing allowing anyone with an interest to interact with and view dynamic information related to both individual and property recovery. 

The dashboards reveal that less than two years from the date of the disaster, the Region’s overall recovery rate is 65%.  This exceptional progress, unheard of following a disaster of the caliber we sustained, is a result of the leadership of our local government and community organizations, the hard work of dedicated volunteers, and the determination of our survivors.

Explore the Disaster Recovery Dashboards