Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission Awards $16.7 Million in Federal Transportation Funds

Dayton, OH – The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission’s (MVRPC’s) Board of Directors recently awarded $16.7 million in federal transportation funds for twenty-seven (27) roadway, bikeway/pedestrian, transit, and planning projects that will benefit the Miami Valley Region. MVRPC’s regionally-controlled Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds, when matched with local dollars, will fund over $28.7 million in transportation projects. All of the projects are located throughout MVRPC’s Metropolitan Planning Organization area, which includes Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and northern Warren Counties.
In September of 2019, MVRPC solicited member jurisdictions for new transportation projects that would be eligible for STP and TA funds. By the October 9, 2019 deadline, forty-six (46) applications for projects totaling over $53.5 million had been received. The applications were then made available for public comment and subsequently ranked by using adopted criteria. A list of the recommended projects was reviewed by MVRPC’s Technical Advisory Committee and then by MVRPC’s Board of Directors for approval. The projects are expected to be implemented between the years 2021-2025.
Projects by category can be viewed at:
Established in 1964, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission promotes collaboration among communities, stakeholders, and residents to advance regional priorities. MVRPC is a forum and resource where the Board of Directors identifies priorities, develops public policy and collaborative strategies to improve quality of life throughout the Miami Valley Region. MVRPC performs various regional planning activities, including air quality, water quality, transportation, land use, research and GIS. As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), MVRPC is responsible for transportation planning in Greene, Miami and Montgomery Counties and parts of northern Warren County. MVRPC's areawide water quality planning designation encompasses five (5) counties: Darke, Preble plus the three MPO counties.
For more information about the projects, contact Bradley Daniel, Coordinator of Short Range Programs, at (937) 223-6323 or by email at