Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee

The Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee (AFPSC) aids in the development and/or review of Facility Plan update guidelines, the technical review of individual Facility Plan update proposals, and the provision of input on such proposals. Input on individual Facility Plan and/or Facility Planning Area Update proposals from the AFCSC input will be forwarded to MVRPC's Technical Advisory Committee for additional review and input.

You may review past amendments to the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan online.

Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee Jan 2017

The Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee (AFPSC) met on January 24, 2017 to consider updates to six facility planning areas. At this time two management agencies, the City of Dayton and Greene County Sanitary Engineering, have requested updates to their Facility Planning Areas. The changes, if eventually approved by the MVRPC Board of Directors, would result in changes to six different FPA: Beavercreek, Dayton, Eastern Regional, Sugarcreek, Tri-Cities, and Union. The following materials were provided in support of these proposals:

  1. Pre-Meeting Memo from MVRPC staff
  2. FPA Materials from Greene County:
    1. FPA map
    2. GCSED submission
    3. Montgomery County letter
  3. FPA Materials from the City of Dayton:
    1. August 1 submission
    2. October 5 submission
    3. November 8 submission
    4. January 20 Map
    5. City of Union Letter
    6. City of Union Map

The AFPSC concurred with all of the changes presented within these proposals. Participants in the meeting also urged that MVRPC include additional updates to the Union FPA that would include currently undesignated areas in this package of updates. These proposals will be presented next to the MVRPC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on February 16, 2017 at 9:30 AM. This meeting will be held at the MVRPC offices. All TAC meetings are open to the public.