Sustainability Roundtable: Organic Waste Management

Sustainability Roundtable: Organic Waste Management

The second 2020 Sustainability Round-table of a series of three on Solid Waste Management.This round-table will be held via remote teleconference.

A panel of experts from local and state government and the private sector will discuss strategies for organic waste management from the individual (kitchen composting) to the regional scale. This session will present approaches to educating residents and diverting these wastes out of landfills and into more productive use. Our panelists will be:

  • Tim Pritchard, Five Rivers MetroParks
  • David Andre, GoZero
  • Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez, Ohio EPA
  • John Minear, Montgomery County Solid Waste District

Please contact Matt Lindsay via email or call 937.531.6548 for more information.