US-35 GRE Corridor Study

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), conducted a comprehensive transportation study of US 35 in Greene County.

This section of USR 35 currently has five intersections, three of which have traffic signals. This segment of USR 35 between I-75 and West Virginia is not presently programmed for conversion to a freeway. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) views this section of USR 35 as one that carries longer distance trips, not one that provides closely spaced access points to service adjacent land, therefore the replacement of the intersections with interchanges is being examined.

Study Purpose

  • Recommend an acceptable strategy to convert this section of US35 to a limited-access facility
  • Address impacts to regional mobility, the local road network and the environment
  • Identify a comprehensive, cost effective package of transportation solutions meeting the public need and the area's long-term transportation planning goals

Study Goals

Study goals focused on recommending one or two interchanges to eliminate the existing at-grade intersections and to provide acceptable Levels of Service on US35. Additional concerns included:

  • Access to US35
  • Impacts to the local road network caused by trips shifted from US35
  • Traffic Safety
  • Impacts to the environment
  • Preservation of open space
  • Economic development opportunities and long-term growth issues

Public Involvement

MVRPC hosted a series of public open house meetings to present study information, and discuss the corridor study.

Study Report

The entire Final Planning Study Report with appendices and all exhibits is available for order on CD-ROM.