Air Quality Planning

Working Together for Clean Air ...

The Miami Valley region, as required by the Clean Air Act, has a plan to keep the air clean. Air pollution comes from many kinds of sources and MVRPC incorporates air quality issues into planning through several programs and initiatives.

Cars, Trucks and Buses

Transportation planning is at the core of the MVRPC mission. Transportation (or “mobile”) sources are significant contributors to the overall air pollution situation in the Dayton and Springfield area, and MVRPC approaches this issue from a number of directions.

  • The Long Range Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Plan must each “conform” to the regional air quality plan. This means the plan may not cause or contribute to a violation of a national air quality standard. MVRPC regularly evaluates the emissions effect of our transportation plans in a process commonly known as “conformity analysis” or simply “conformity.”
  • MVRPC encourages commuters in the region to reduce their automobile usage, and consider RideSharing, or biking or walking to work.
  • MVRPC has approved funding for projects to retrofit pollution reduction devices on the school buses of two regional school districts. AS many as 100 buses will receive new oxidation catalysts, reducing emissions and improving children’s health.
  • MVRPC has conducted over 15 Walkable Community Workshops throughout our region to assist jurisdictions in incorporating the needs of non-automobile travellers into development plans.

Businesses and Utilities

Power plants and factories also factor in the overall air quality situation in the Miami Valley. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency develops specific regulations for these stationary (or “point”) sources, which ar directly regulated by the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA). MVRPC participates in the development and monitors the implementation of the State Implementation Plan (SIP).

  • MVRPC is responsible for recommending elements for the Dayton/Springfield area portion of the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for air quality attainment. MVRPC has formed an Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC) to receive local ideas and comments about how the Dayton and Springfield areas should reduce air pollution.
  • MVRPC has issued recommendations for elements of the 8-hour ozone SIP.
  • The Air Quality Advisory Committee is in the process of developing recommended strategies for the fine particulate (PM2.5) SIP.

What about Public Health?

The quality of the air we breathe has direct effects on our health. MVRPC has developed a comprehensive suite of public information services to assist citizens seeking to monitor real time air quality

  • MVRPC coordinates the Miami Valley Air Quality Program, a cooperative effort among several agencies.
  • A comprehensive air quality web site was developed in 2003 and advertised region-wide. Go to www.miamivalleyair.org for the latest air quality readings.
  • Air Pollution Advisories are issued when levels of ozone or fine particulates are forecasted to be high enough to affect sensitive persons.
  • Interested citizens can sign up for e-mailed air quality forecasts (the same ones used by the Weather Channel) through US EPA’s EnviroFlash service.
  • The Smoginator is a clean air ambassador, teaching kids about air pollution and how they can help reduce smog.

DRG Air Team Kick-off Meeting

The Dayton Regional Green Initiative (DRGI) recently announced some exciting partnerships in their drive to be a more comprehensive sustainability initiative for the Miami Valley. The DRGI is developing action teams under three new pillars: People (quality of life), Profit (business sustainability), and Planet (natural resource protection).

Today, we are inviting you to participate in the "Air Team," a joint effort of the Partners for the Environment, MVRPC and the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA). As a part of the Planet pillar, the Air Team will bring together agencies and organizations with diverse approaches to protecting and improving air quality in the Miami Valley.

Come to the convening meeting on Friday, April 25, 2014 at 10:30 am and meet with your colleagues from across the region who are working to improve energy efficiency, reduce air emissions and raise public awareness. We'll hear from a couple of agencies sharing their current efforts and then open the floor to hear about other efforts in the region.

Air Quality Advertising Efforts

Advertising Efforts

As part of the overall outreach campaign, television and radio commercials were developed by MVRPC that complemented the print advertising which was supplied by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The various actions to reduce air pollution that we tout are emphasized throughout the campaign. All ads feature the “It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air” slogan and logo.

Click on these links to hear/see the various ads.



  1. listen to
    AQI and Air Pollution Advisories
  2. listen to
    Mow After 6pm / Gas Cap
  3. listen to
    Change Oil/ Check Tire Pressure
  4. listen to
    Idle Free/ Trip Link
  5. listen to
    Alternate Transportation/ Biking
  6. listen to
    Retirees Avoid Rush Hour/ Share Rides

Print Ads

  1. Print Ads (PDF:2.28 MB)


  1. Properly Inflated Tires
  2. Every 3000 Miles Oil Change
  3. Trip Chaining
  4. Anti-idling
  5. Rideshare

MiamiValleyAir.org Website

A comprehensive air quality web site was developed in 2003 and advertised region-wide. Go to www.miamivalleyair.org for the latest air quality readings, to see maps of current air quality in the Region, to search archived air quality data, sign up for Air Pollution Advisories, and more information.

Miami Valley Air Quality Program

The Miami Valley Air Quality Program was developed as a public education/behavior modification program in an effort to inform Dayton/Springfield residents about air pollution issues and how their behavior can impact not only the region's air quality, but also traffic congestion.

... read more of Miami Valley Air Quality Program