Bikeways & Pedestrians

Planning for Active Transportation in the Miami Valley

Active transportation is any kind of human powered mode, but usually refers to biking and walking. Active transportation is not only for getting in shape and staying healthy – though walking and biking are excellent exercise and can be a fun way to introduce physical activity into your daily life. But keep in mind: your feet are an efficient and fun way to get around town. You’ll be reducing automobile congestion, pollution, and noise, not to mention air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

MVRPC has several ongoing efforts to encourage and accommodate Miami Valley residents who use active transportation.

Bikeways Map for the Miami Valley

The 2014 Bikeways Map for the Miami Valley is now available. Get yours now, there are several ways to get one in your hands.

Where can I get a 2014 Miami Valley Bike Maps?

If you live, work or play in the Region, you can pick up a free map at a location near you or see more options to get a map in your hands.

No pick up location near you?

See more options to get a map in your hands.

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Interactive Trail Map

Please visit the new an improved interactive maps at Miami Valley Bike trails,

Watch Executive Director Brian O. Martin discuss Alternative Transportation

MVRPC’s Executive Director, Brian O. Martin, AICP, made his debut on WDTN’s “Living Dayton” today explaining our Drive Less Live More initiative and various transportation alternatives. Click to view his interview.

Miami Valley Trail User Survey Report

In cooperation with trail managing agencies across the Miami Valley and with the help of many dedicated volunteers, MVRPC completed regional trail user surveys in the 2009 and repeated the project in 2013. The projects consisted of two count and survey days – a Sunday and a Wednesday in summer. Trail users were counted and surveys were distributed to those who wished to fill one out. MVRPC has completed reports of the count and survey findings for both projects.

Safe Cycling Tips

In the May 2009, MVRPC staff developed two (2) public service announcement regarding “Safe Cycling Tips” narrated by Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer. Launched during “National Bike Month”, these PSAs are geared to both Cyclists and Motorists. Locally over 30% of all trips are less than 2 miles from the original destination. In some cases, these are trips that could be taken by bike very easily. It's our intention to encourage resident to bike for short trips, but to do so safely.

MVRPC has published a brochure to help encourage the safe use of bicycles for Active Transportation. “Drive Your Bike” gives pointers on how to get comfortable with using a bicycle in place of a car for some trips. The short booklet also includes a Bicycle Equipment Checklist of recommended items for the safe operation of your bicycle, and tips for cycling safely, predictably and visibly while following the rules of the road. Pick up a copy, or download one, and give it a read.  And next time you have the time and the weather is right, why not “Drive Your Bike?”

Comprehensive Local Regional Bikeway Plan

On December 4, 2008 the MVRPC Board of Directors adopted the Comprehensive Local-Regional Bikeway Plan (CLRBP). Intended to take the region's bikeway system to the next level, the CLRBP envisions branching off our region's incredible multi-use trails with a network of bike-friendly roads and streets. The CLRBP identifies a potential network of corridors where bicycle facilities could be added to enhance cyclist safety and accommodation.

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Walkable Communities

MVRPC works with member jurisdictions to enhance the environment for walking as well. Please see our Walkable Communities page for information on our projects and publications.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

MVRPC's continuous safety analysis program routinely reviews crash data for accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians. Get more information from the MVRPC safety program.

Transportation Planning

The MVRPC Long Range Transportation Plan includes regional projects for bikeways. The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) lists projects funded for construction in the MVRPC planning area. Web Telus is an online searchable database for MVRPC TIP and Long Range Transportation Plan projects.