Specialized Transportation Program

The Specialized Transportation Program (Section 5310), Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, is a Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) program designed to improve transportation options for the elderly and individuals with disabilities through the coordination and expansion of transportation services. The goal is to provide greater access to the community, including access to employment for people with disabilities and older residents. This program is managed by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission in coordination with Greene, Miami, Montgomery and northern Warren Counties.

Through the MVRPC Specialized Transportation Program, the Miami Valley Region receives an annual allocation of funds designed to support the special transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Under FTA’s Section 5310 program, the Region is better able to manage how FTA funds are used to meet those needs, select the most appropriate way to distribute funding, and identify ways to encourage coordination among agencies which provide or depend on specialized transportation. The primary method for achieving this goal is to provide financial support for accessible vehicles to non-profit agencies and government entities which supplement the service available through the public transit systems in those counties. Capital projects proposed include accessible vehicles, communication equipment, and infrastructure, such as sidewalk and bus stop improvements, when those improvements can be shown to result in greater access for people with disabilities to regularly scheduled transit service. Mobility Management functions and certain operational projects are also eligible.


Agencies which wish to request 5310 funding are required to be, or to become, active participants in the regional transportation coordination effort, including being active members of the Human Services Transportation Coordionation Council and being willing to track and report certain performance indicators. All funded projects must derived from Regional Transportation Coordination Plan.

Coordination and communication among transportation providers is a primary component of the Council.  The benefits of Council membership are several as people identify opportunities for coordination in the delivery of services, enjoy networking with other interested parties, and explore cost effective ways to stretch limited resources.

MVRPC uses the Human Services Coordination Log as a tool for tracking the monthly coordination efforts of those members who receive FTA 5310 funding.  The responses will be reviewed at each quarterly HSTC Council meeting and will be taken into consideration when determining recipients for FTA funding.  Members are responsible for updating the log with quantifiable information prior to each meeting and being prepared to discuss.

For more information about becoming involved in the Council, please contact Serena Anderson, Transportation Coordination Planner at sanderson@mvrpc.org or 937.531.6524.