US35 Corridor Improvements in Greene County

ODOT is proceeding to the implementation phase of the current project, GRE-35-4.26, to convert the section of US35 between the North Fairfield Interchange and the Xenia Bypass to a limited-access facility.

​Greene County Superstreet - U.S. 35 at Factory Road and U.S. 35 at  Orchard Lane - ODOT Public Meeting

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) intends to improve the congestion and safety at the intersections of U.S. 35 at Factory Road and U.S. 35 at Orchard Lane by constructing new, innovative intersections called Superstreets. A detour will not be required to perform these construction activities. Traffic will be maintained at all times during construction but may require temporary lane closures. ODOT will be having a Public Information Meeting to further explain the operation of these new intersections, gather information from the community to minimize impacts, and answer questions about the project. The meeting time and location will be:
 Tuesday, November 28, 2017
5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The City of Beavercreek Maintenance Facility
789 Orchard Lane, Beavercreek, Ohio  45343

US 35 GRE Reconstruction - ODOT Public Meeting held on April 16, 2014

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) sponsored a meeting on April 16, 2014 at Municipal Maintenance Facility, 789 Orchard Lane, Beavercreek, OH and presented updated plans for the reconstruction of US 35 between Shakertown Road and Valley/Trebein Roads into a limited-access facility.  The project will improve mobility and safety for both local residents and through travelers and involves conversion of five existing at-grade intersections into two limited access interchanges.  View the Information presented at the meeting. This meeting provided all interested parties an opportunity to review the project plans and provide comments. 

Should you need additional information regarding the meeting, please contact Daniel Baah at (937) 220-2941 or by e-mail at or Keith Smith at (513) 933-6590 or by e-mail at

US35 Greene County Assessment of Feasible Alternatives

February 2012 Update

On February 3, 2012, the Federal Highway Administration approved the Assessment of Feasible Alternatives for the subject project.

The next phases of development will be continued environmental coordination and Preliminary Design of the recommended alternatives (Alternative 2 for the Factory/Orchard area and Alternative 5B for Valley/Trebein).

US35 Greene County Corridor Improvement

In 2004, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission in cooperation with ODOT, completed the Greene 35 Corridor Study, to recommend a strategy to convert the section of US35 between the North Fairfield Interchange and the Xenia Bypass to a limited-access facility (see study area).

ODOT is proceeding to the implementation phase of the current project, GRE-35-4.26, focusing on the recommendations of the Corridor Study following ODOT's Project Development Process (PDP). The PDP provides a framework for decision making to take a project from the planning stages to construction. The project is currently in the environmental analysis and preliminary engineering phases.

A vision statement and Team Charter Document has been established to guide the development of the project. The team charter document summarizes the project vision, critical success factors, and communication guidelines. Endorsement of the charter by the project team and stakeholders represents a commitment to assure successful project implementation.

Project Vision

Completing the upgrade of GRE-35 to a limited access highway will improve travel times on both the highway and many local streets while reducing accident rates. The fiscally responsible project should reduce air pollution, preserve nearby parks and natural areas, and support the retention and expansion of regional business. GRE-35 will satisfy the needs of the traveling public and be a source of pride for the project team and the community.

Project Documentation

Following the initial public meetings, the conceptual alternatives report was completed in March 2009.