US 35 Corridor Improvements in Montgomery County

In 2004, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission in cooperation with ODOT, conducted the US 35 Corridor Major Investment Study (MIS), to identify improvements to the US 35 corridor from I-75 to I-675.

The current project, MOT-35-18-57, focuses on the recommendations of the MIS for US 35 between Steve Whalen Boulevard and the I-675 interchange following ODOT's Project Development Process (PDP). The PDP provides a framework for decision making to take a project from the planning stages to construction.

The environmental document for this corridor was approved on August of 2011, based on the preferred alternative. The next phase of the project will focus on the design of an additional lane between Steve Whalen Boulevard and I-675.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Reduce peak hour congestion and
  • Improve safety throughout the corridor by
    • Correction geometric deficiencies,
    • Improving lane continuity, and
    • Reducing crashes

At a 2009 public participation meeting ODOT presented several alternatives. ODOT intends to proceed with design of Alternative 3. This alternative will include the addition of through lanes on US 35, reconfiguration of the Smithville Road interchange to a partial cloverleaf interchange, and reconfiguration of the Woodman Drive interchange to a Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI).

ODOT is currently seeking funding for the construction of the project through TRAC.