Miami Valley Regional ITS Architecture

To maintain and build upon the Region's strong ITS foundation, the Miami Valley Region ITS stakeholders initiated the development of a Regional ITS Architecture in 2003. Simply put, the regional architecture defines the framework on which to build the ITS system. It functionally defines what the pieces of the system are and the information that is exchanged between them. A regional architecture is required by both the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to qualify ITS projects for federal funding after April 2005.

Accordingly, the Miami Valley ITS Regional Architecture was developed in accordance with national policies, the National ITS Architecture, and the policies of the Ohio Department of Transportation. Traffic engineers, emergency responders, transit providers, transportation planners, and the media were involved in documenting data, information flows, technology and institutional arrangements necessary for the regional ITS system to be successful in making the Miami Valley's transportation system more efficient. The regional architecture was adopted by the MVRPC Board on February 3, 2005.

ITS elements will be included as roadways and transit systems are upgraded or expanded over time. Periodic review of the Miami Valley ITS Regional Architecture will be needed to insure the region keeps up with changes in technology and is providing efficient transportation services

Miami Valley ITS Architecture Document

The elements of the Regional Architecture are available for download.

ITS Architecture Updates

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission has updated the regional ITS architecture on two occasions since it was adopted in 2005. In 2008 the contents of the regional architecture were greatly simplified as a result of a stakeholder-driven process to streamline the plan elements.  For example, the original plan contents listed numerous individual city public works departments; the streamlined update collapsed those stakeholders into a single category: Municipal Public Works Departments. This broader category is more inclusive of any jurisdiction that wishes to include ITS elements in a future transportation project.

In 2013, a minor update to the regional architecture was completed to reflect efforts by the Ohio Department of Transportation to streamline the project development process for certain types of “off-the-shelf” ITS systems that can be presumed to meet the regional architecture, because they are designed to meet the national architecture.

Details of the updates are provided in appendices to the Regional Architecture report:

2008 Update – Appendix B

2013 Update – Appendix C