Impacted Jurisdictions Coordination Meetings

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) is the designated leader of the Long-Term Community Disaster Recovery Network, helping the counties, cities, townships and villages impacted by the devastating Memorial Day tornadoes create a plan for recovery and resiliency.  While the primary focus was on disaster response within local jurisdictions, Emergency Management teams at the County and State level coordinated these efforts.  Now, our Region is ready to move toward long-term recovery for all impacted communities and coordinated, cooperative strategic planning for resiliency is critical.

From 2019 to mid-2021, MVRPC convened the leaders from impacted counties, cities, townships and villages monthly to provide recovery updates and share resources.  These meetings are now hosted quarterly, and the upcoming meeting schedule and minutes from previous meetings are available on the MVRPC Committee Center.  For more information or to be included in these meetings, please contact Elizabeth Baxter, MVRPC Manager, Disaster Recovery and Regional Economic Development Planning by email at

Disaster Recovery Impacted Jurisdictions Meeting Resources

EMA & FEMA Funding Opportunities

HMA Pre-Application 2022
FMA NOFO Fact Sheet
BRIC NOFO Fact Sheet
BCA Historical and Modeled Damage Doc Requirements
BCA Engineering Requirements
FEMA HMA Training Webinars FY22

May 2022

FEMA Resilience Planning Presentation
FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework Resources
Community Lifelines Information
Community LIfelines Fact Sheet

Community Lifelines Toolkit
FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework Listening Sessions 
FEMA BRIC Infographic
State of Ohio Homelessness Study

February 2022

FEMA and Ohio EMA Mitigation Resources:

No Progress Properties / Tax Delinquency / Demolition Resources 
(All resources are examples only and require independent legal review and adoption.)