Regional Bikeways Committee July 2020

The Regional Bikeways Committee will resume meeting using an online platform. This meeting will feature three items on our agenda:

  1. City of Springboro’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update – Dan Boron will share the planning process and outcomes of a year-long process to review and update the City’s active transportation planning document.
  2. Discussion of “Enforcement” as one of the Six E’s – Recently, as protests of police use of force have been held nationwide, some active transportation advocacy organizations are taking this moment to re-think the presence of “Enforcement”  as one of the 6 E’s used as an organizing principle for active transportation planning. Laura Estandia and Matt Lindsay will lead an open conversation about this topic.
  3. Clean Ohio advocacy – Trails are a component to COVID-19 response in the state of Ohio as they offer opportunities for self-directed physical activity in a setting conducive for physical distancing needed during the pandemic. Brian Housh from Rails-to-Trails will talk about opportunities for advocating on behalf of the Clean Ohio Trails program.