Freight Movement Study

The Miami Valley Freight Movement Study was conducted to identify trends in the freight industry, develop a regional freight transportation system profile and present the freight movement analysis. The Study takes an in-depth look at freight movement in the Region; it focuses on inventorying and characterizing existing freight transportation in the Region comprising all modes: truck, rail, air, pipeline and intermodal connections, using capacity, performance and usage data. The recommendations of the study would be included in MVRPC's next Long Range Transportation Plan update.

The Freight Study Report contains the complete version of the Miami Valley Freight Movement Study including 4 (four) maps that are in 11x17 format. When printing the complete document, please note that the 11x17 maps may not print or may print in 8.5x11 paper sizes. As a result, a separate file containing only the 11x17 maps has been included for those who have the capability to print on 11x17 paper size.

For any questions regarding the study, please contact Transportation Planner, Ami Parikh or (937) 531-6546.